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Who We Are?

We are nature loving, tree hugging, soil nerds whose mission is to make a positive environmental impact by helping other companies achieve their sustainability goals through organic waste management.

We focus on mobile screening, soil recycling and waste reduction on construction, development and landfill sites.

We believe there is a better way to utilise existing raw materials in industrial and environmental spaces. A more valuable, less invasive way of doing things where biodiversity flourishes and the planet is happier for it.

Our Story

A love of soil and organics grew (pun intended) in 2012 as we witnessed the industry change; becoming increasingly difficult to purchase good quality, raw materials. We watched soil, sand, rock and organics leave construction sites in countless trucks over the years, only to see the same material carted straight back onto the site soon after.  So bad for the environment, and so inefficient. We were left scratching our chins, thinking… why? There has to be a better way to do this.The resources onsite are or can become usable with the correct treatment, without the need to transport it. Scrap the trucks, double or even triple handling.

Why hasn’t someone figured out how to improve the process?

To put it simply, this is a slow-to-move industry, and that’s how it had always been done.

This is where our Director, Chris Keay comes in (cue superhero cape with a recycling logo on it). With the technology, equipment, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to be silly brave enough to start a business in 2020, he decided to tackle this problem and Soil Recycling Co founded.

Our mission is to reduce organic waste through innovative and environmentally responsible solutions.


From Chris Keay, Director

After completing a commercial landscape trade certificate in 2009, I started a commercial landscape business in 2012 where I worked with tier 1 and 2 commercial clients on large scale construction projects, completing civil and landscaping works.

The business grew to over 100 employees, collecting numerous accolades throughout the years such as Landscape Victoria Rising Star, Financial Review Fast 100 & Top 500 High Growth Companies – Asia Pacific. In mid 2020, a South Australian company acquired 100% ownership of the commercial business and I took the opportunity to create my next venture – something I was passionate about and that would make a positive environmental impact. Soil Recycling Co was formed soon after.

I have worked on some of the largest projects in Victoria such as Sky Rail, VSBA schools and Royal Children’s Hospital, learning how important soil is to successfully grow a sustainable landscape from hands-on experience. During my time in the horticulture industry, I have maintained key relationships with local suppliers and soil scientists – both of which are vital to the success of Soil Recycling Co.

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