A Lesson in Sustainability: How Soil Recycling Revolutionised the VSBA Merrifield West Secondary School Project

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When it comes to landscaping and construction, "waste not, want not" is more than just an old adage. It's a fundamental principle that drives sustainability and efficiency in today's projects. Take, for example, the collaborative work completed at VSBA Merrifield West Secondary School.

The Team Behind the Success

• Client: Normark Landscapes

• Landscape Architect: Formium Landscape Architects

• Builder: Kane Construction

• Location: VSBA Merrifield West Secondary School

• Service: Soil recycling

The Challenge: Transforming 3,750m³ of Topsoil

When Normark Landscapes reached out to us, they presented a unique challenge. A sprawling 3,750m³ stockpile of topsoil, once loose, amounted to 5,950m³. The material was littered with grass, shrubs, and other organic waste. With a school project on the horizon, the soil had to be fit for daily wear and tear from hundreds of students.

The Solution: Scientific and Collaborative Approach

Understanding the gravity and the unique requirements of the project, we employed a scientific approach:

1. Consultation with Soil Agronomists: We engaged a local soil agronomist who conducted several tests to ensure the soil's suitability.

2. Testing: Comprehensive tests were conducted on soil chemistry, hydraulic conductivity, and toxicity.

3. Collaboration: Continuous communication between Formium, Kane Construction, and Normark Landscapes helped shape the project's direction.

The Outcome: A Win-Win Situation for All

1. Upgraded Soil: The final product was a screened topsoil blend that met the criteria for general garden beds and passive amenity lawn areas.

2. Cost Savings: Not only did we reduce the carbon footprint, but we also enabled Normark Landscapes to allocate budget elsewhere due to cost savings.

3. Environmental Bonus: We managed to save 5,950m³ of soil from landfill, effectively reducing CO2 emissions by 30.79 tonnes.

Going the Extra Mile: Our Carbon Offset Commitment

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, we've planted 135 trees in native forests on behalf of Normark Landscapes through our partnership with Greenfleet.

Conclusion: A Triumph in Sustainable Landscaping

The Merrifield West Secondary School project wasn't just a construction job; it was an exercise in sustainability, scientific precision, and inter-company collaboration. It has set a new standard for how soil recycling can not only save money but also serve the environment and the community at large.

Interested in making your next project a model of sustainability and efficiency? Get in touch. Let's save the planet and your pocket.

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