Case Study: Gearon Civil

Case Studies

The project details

Client: Gearon Civil

Location: Brooklyn, VIC

Service: Material screening, soil inert waste

The Problem…

Gearon Civil gave us a buzz and let us know about a big problem their client was currently looking to solve. They called the right people!

Gearon was working on an old site in Brooklyn that’s had a multitude of uses over the years – and back in the day, the world was ruthless when it came to waste. As a result, on this particular project solid inert waste was an issue for a few reasons: 

  1. It’s just plain s**t to see steel, wood, bricks, tyres… to name a few… mixed into dirt
  2. That mixed material (solid inert waste) is very expensive to dispose of from site in its current form (you're looking at $100 plus per tonne plus cartage) – and that’s if you can even find a disposal depot to take it
  3. If you were to find a disposal location, is that depot recycling the material correctly? It’s likely you don’t know

It’s now very common to dig up waste mixed with fill material on greenfield or construction sites.

Waste piles

The Solution…

Luckily, Gearon Civil are smart cookies and getting us involved was a great move. They called and we came running – getting us involved is a lot easier than you may think. 

We inspected the material with Gearon and the solution was to screen the material to 40mm.  We mobilised onsite and started the sorting and screening process of the steel, tyres, bricks and rock.

Part of our work included the use of a 22t excavator to load the trommel, in which the material was transferred into 500m3 piles: one pile of clean fill and another of waste.

Once we started the process the clean fill was inspected by a well known plant hire company and ticked off for use as clean fill. The oversize waste pile was sorted and disposed of to the correct recycling facility.

We’re left with two huge ticks:

  1. Sorting the solid inert waste produced a positive environmental outcome for the project
  2. By thinking out of the box, Gearon saved their client exuberant disposal costs
Sorted waste

What is solid inert waste?

The solid inert component of the waste stream arising from the construction, demolition or refurbishment of buildings or infrastructure. 

Solid inert waste examples include: metal, wood, bricks, asphalt or cement concrete, and other building construction materials such as plaster, drywall, siding, shingles, insulation, and glass.

How material screening SIR saves money

The initial cost the client was looking down the barrel at was $100+ per tonne. Let’s do the equation on your next project…

10,000 x $100 per tonne (solid inert waste) = $1,000,000 plus cartage costs

New rate:

9,000 x $35 per tonne (sorting and clean fill) = $315,000

1,000 x $100 per tonne (solid inert waste) = $100,000

SAVING = $585,000 in your back pocket (not even including cartage costs)


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