Case Study: JMac Constructions

Case Studies

The project details

Client: JMac Constructions 

Location: Cloverton Sports Precinct

Service: Soil recycling

How we helped…

JMac tapped us on the shoulder  to process 2,000m3 of topsoil that had been previously stripped from site by the civil contractors. The material had a high clay content and it was lacking nutrients.

We proposed a custom soil improvement blend of gypsum, fertiliser and compost which was mixed offsite.

The soil improver was blended onsite over a six day period and processed through the trommel using a 22t excavator and a front end loader.

Our mate Terry spat out a friable soil blend that will be used for large open space grass areas and garden beds around the sports precinct.

The end result

JMac Construction are happy campers having been sick of using sticky site soil that hasn’t been processed, which leads to finding numerous lumps and inconsistency in the soil. The site soil they were using on this project was difficult to push around with onsite machinery, making production targets an arms reach away. We eliminated the need to cultivate the spread soil as we incorporated this blending as part of our processes – saving time onsite.

The new blended healthy soil is fluffy, consistent and easy to spread. A great outcome with healthy soil to grow plant life, and production rates being exceeded to a more workable product.

The impact

This project shows the circular economy in action – we were able to blend the onsite soil and reuse it which is a result for both the planet and JMac’s bottom line.

Since imported soil didn’t have to be used, we also saved truck movement on the roads.

Total Emissions Offset: 1.28 tonnes

Savings compared to imported topsoil: $64,000

If you’d like to talk about how we can make your project much friendlier for the environment and your hip pocket, get in touch.

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