Case Study: Joslyn Group

Case Studies

The project details

Client: Joslyn Group

Council: Wyndham City Council

Location: Bensonhurst Parade Reserve, Point Cook

Service: Soil recycling

We were approached by Joslyn Group who were searching for a solution to reuse the unsuitable topsoil in the construction of garden beds and lawn areas in a parkland, surrounding two sports fields on Bensonhurst Parade in Point Cook.

Joslyn Group and Diamond Valley Excavations had stripped approximately 4,300m3 of topsoil, destined for the fill disposal depot. They made the smart decision to give us a buzz before loading all that soil onto trucks. We tested and assessed the material for its potential for reuse (using a third party agronomist).

The results came in: the pH and salinity were acceptable, organic matter was low and the calcium to  magnesium ratio needed a slight adjustment. Luckily, we’re the team for the job.

How we helped…

Post testing phase, the soil agronomist worked with us to find a viable solution to improve the soil, using our processing plant and soil improvement techniques. 

Using our mobile processing plant we blended, aerated, screened and sorted the unsuitable soil, breathing life back into it for reuse. 

The soil improving elements included compost, gypsum, urea & zinc sulfate.

The end result

We were able to salvage and treat 4,300m3 of healthy topsoil that is suitable for use in the lawn and garden bed areas on the project. Our processing plant also created a surplus amount which may be able to be used on other projects.

Now for the back pocket results. By treating and reusing the now healthy topsoil rather than removing it and importing new soil, the client saved approximately $129,000. It’s a no brainer.

The environmental impact

Carbon emission reduction: 22.25 tonnes

Soil saved from landfill: 4,300m3

Trees planted in native forests to offsite our processing plant: 126

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