Case Study: Rathdowne Estate Soil Amelioration Project

Case Studies

Project Overview

Client: Winslow

Service Provider: Soil Recycling Co

Location: Rathdowne Estate, Wollert, Melbourne

Scope: Amelioration of 22,000m³ of topsoil for Melbourne Water asset


In a significant environmental initiative, Soil Recycling Co was contracted by Winslow to ameliorate 22,000m³ of topsoil at the Rathdowne Estate in Wollert. The project aimed to enhance soil quality for use in a Melbourne Water asset (wetland), meeting strict environmental standards and promoting sustainable land use.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to improve the soil's physical and chemical properties to make it suitable for the environment and meet Melbourne Water's stringent specifications. Achieving this goal required precise soil amendment and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our Approach

Soil Recycling Co adopted a targeted strategy to ameliorate the soil:

Soil Testing: Initial tests identified the soil's deficiencies.

Amendment Application: Based on testing, we applied:

- Gypsum to improve soil structure and calcium levels.

- Single superphosphate to enhance phosphorus content.

- Muriate of potash to increase potassium levels.

- High-quality Soil Improver/Compost was blended into the soil at strategic ratios to improve organic content, microbial activity, and overall soil health, promoting robust plant growth and ecological balance.

These amendments were carefully selected to address the soil's specific needs, promoting healthy plant growth and environmental sustainability.


The amelioration process transformed the soil into a high-quality resource for Melbourne Water, contributing to the ecological health of the Rathdowne Estate area. Key achievements include:

Enhanced Soil Quality: The treated soil now supports diverse plant life, contributing to the local ecosystem's health.

Environmental Benefits: By improving soil on-site, we reduced waste and the need for soil transport, lowering the project's carbon footprint.

Compliance Achieved: The amended soil met Melbourne Water's rigorous environmental standards, ensuring the project's success.


The Rathdowne Estate soil amelioration project exemplifies Soil Recycling Co's commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. Through precise soil management and a focus on ecological benefits, we delivered a solution that not only met but exceeded client and environmental expectations.

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