Case Study: Suez

Case Studies

The project details

Client: Suez

Location: Epping Organic Resource Recovery Centre

Service: Material screening / waste reduction

Suez and SRC match like Brad and Jen (without the divorce), avo and toast – their facility reduces landfill by recovering compost and soil conditioners from waste that can then be used to grow and sustain plant life. Sound like a familiar mission? 

If you’ve got no idea what we’re on about, have a read over here.

How we helped…

Suez is moving out of their Epping facility, and they needed a hand packing their proverbial boxes (Chris has just moved house so luckily he’s now mastered the art). More specifically, they wanted to break down the existing compost on their site. 

We called up Terry the trommel, and he gave us the green light to give our green friends a hand. We were able to process the compost material and spit out a usable product for Suez to then on-sell. 

Like any house move, we had a tight timeline to stick to, with Suez needing to be packed and ready to go by the end of June. Terry was the man for the job because he has a production rate of up to 110m3 per hour – the fastest, greenest and most efficient way to screen materials.

The oversized material will be shredded and the process started again to maximise re-usage of what’s on site.

The end result

Suez are on the move after the compost was processed and will be sold or moved onto new locations such as garden supply stores, home gardeners and landscapers. That’s the kind of circular economy we’re all about.

The environmental impact

There are two key ways that Suez have positively impacted the environment by working with us. 

We are a carbon offset company, which means that we offset our entire process – saving 3.5 tonnes of carbon emissions from this project alone.

The FOGO (Food Organic and Garden Organics) processed on the Suez site that has then been reused rather than wasted, saved around 20,000m3 of material destined for landfill. 

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