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When it comes to digging up dirt, we’re experts. That doesn’t stop at soil either; we’ve collected everything you need to know about our founder and chief soil lover, Chris Keay. Leave your shovels where they are, we’ve done the hard work for you in this interview.

What was life before SRC (ha, if you can imagine!)?

I was Director at a successful commercial civil construction & landscaping company based out of Knoxfield and Geelong for 9 years before selling the company in 2020. I also served on the Board of Directors at Landscaping Victoria, the industry body from 2016 for 3 years. I was, and still am, a husband and dad to two little ones.

What made you wake up and think: YES...landscaping?

The outside air initially drew me to the civil landscape space and the opportunity for challenging, high profile projects with a variety of scope of works has kept me involved for all these years.  The people in the commercial game from suppliers, subcontractors and clients have also kept my work enjoyable. I’ve loved meeting so many new (and old) faces and making lifelong friends of some of them.

Okay, time to flex. What are you proud of achieving with your previous business?

Growing the business from myself and my first apprentice, Jake, to over 100 employees would be the stand out. Keeping 100 people fed requires a lot of commitment & coordination.

I was also really proud when we were able to build the company to be recognised by the Financial Review as the 36th fastest growing company in Australia, bettering the previous year by 32 places. Ahead of all of this it would be keeping my wife and two kids sane!

What led you to soil recycling?

Some things just pull you in, and for me strangely enough it was soil. My heavy involvement in the civil landscape space over the years meant that I watched the construction environmental impact become visible, soil conditions change and the price increase. Understanding how soil affects the plants is very important to a sustainable landscape and something I am very passionate about, so here we are.

What do you enjoy most about owning your own business?

The everyday challenge. It’s in my nature to avoid dull moments,jumping into the unknown when I feel I need to. I enjoy the chase and the challenge of business and the feeling of reward when it comes together.

If there’s time… what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love heading down to the beach with my family and having a cold one with my mates, heading to the gym or going for a run to release some energy. I am a die-hard Saints man, (still shattered about the drawn Grand Final) and love watching the F1 cars shoot around the track. 

What makes Soil Recycling Co. different?

We are the first mobile soil recycling company in Victoria (*interviewer hands blue ribbon over*). Our process is new, our systems are new, but our experience is not. We bring a fresh attitude to soil health and are passionate about the process and the outcome long after we have left.

What are your plans for the company in 2021?

We are the new kids on the block and explaining the solutions to our clients is our most important goal for 2021. We plan on establishing ourselves as the go-to soil recycling company by learning from our clients needs and educating them on our solution.

Want to know more about SRC? Click here.

Want to know more about SRC? Click here.

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