Hidromek HMK 220 Review

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With a lot of excavators on the market, we did our research and landed on the Hidromek HMK 220. Here’s why…

Why did we go with the Hidromek HMK 220?

Rather than going down the same track as everyone else does and  buying the same equipment, we wanted a point of difference. We investigated the very best excavators in the market and found the perfect fit for the type of work we do.

Hidromek isn’t as well known as Cat, Volvo, Komatsu, Case, Kubota and Kobelco. 

The brand has only been in the Australian market since mid 2018. Coming from Europe (Turkey), they have been established since 1979 – so are rather new compared to long standing companies. Don’t let this fool you into thinking they’re not every bit as good though (if not better).

What sets Hidromek apart from the rest is the use of technology, and the numerous awards they have won in the past 5 years, showing their commitment to the product and their user-friendly design.

The Hidromek HMK 220 LC is what we decided won the bout against all other excavators.

Some key features that got us over the line:

  1. More horsepower to weight ratio
  2. Built in Turkey using high tensile Turkish steel
  3. Built for the Turkish mining companies (mining in some of the harshest environments)
  4. Three rock guards on the LC frame (compared to two on either excavators)
  5. Latest series Kawasaki displacement pumps
  6. Powered by an Isuzu tier 3 engine (super efficient)
  7. The cab has won ergonomic design awards, which is the most important key to keeping the operators comfy and safe, with plenty of visibility
  8. Not to mention, we think they are super sexy

The excavator was supplied by OneTrak in Hallam via an honest, transparent sale. We’ll continue to service the machine through OneTrak who also come highly recommended for their commitment to customer service.

Specs of the Hidromek HMK 220

Now that we’ve used it, here are our thoughts…

We’ve had the excavator in use for about 8 months and are very impressed – the build quality has not missed a beat. The additional thickness in steel and bracing shows its strength.

The super comfortable ergonomic cab, with attention to detail definitely noticed.

One of the features that is used heavily is the four performance modes; with a touch of a button we can jump between smooth final trim to high break out force for that heavy material.

We highly recommend the Hidromek brand, and we have no doubt it will establish itself in the Australian market as a premium option.

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