Soil For Social Impact: Greenfleet

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We saw the start of SRC as an opportunity to fight climate change and ensure our project’s emissions are offset from the get-go. To do this, we wanted to find a partner that means when you engage us for a project, you can do so knowing that you’re contributing to the planting of new trees, the reduction of carbon emissions and the creation of a landscape that will sustain plant life for years to come. We did some digging (that pun will never get old) and found Greenfleet.

Why did we partner with these guys?

As a not-for-profit, Greenfleet are funded by us and other corporate supporter donations for whom they plant biodiverse forests in order to offset our carbon emissions. Soil plays an integral role in the planet’s ecosystem and this partnership gives us a way to connect our business with our offset projects. We wanted to take practical climate action and with over 23 years experience managing reforestation projects, we felt that our trust was well earned.

What’s the deal with biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the biological variety and variability of life on earth that keeps us ticking. In Australia, biodiversity is threatened by climate change, deforestation, fragmentation of habitat, invasive species, changes to water flow and aquatic environments, and unsustainable use of natural resources. 

That’s why Greenfleet plants with purpose. Each approved project is individually designed to suit the specific landscape, climate and soil conditions, with trees chosen to best fit them. The projects themselves vary, with 29 of their reforestation projects alone being found in our home state of Victoria.

By planting with biodiversity in mind, Greenfleet not only maximises the capturing of carbon in that climate but is able to have added benefits such as:

  • Creating a habitat for native animals and extending their migratory routes
  • Reducing salinity 
  • Improving the water quality in surrounding catchments
  • Adding tree roots that can bind the soil and reduce erosion (and you know how much we love good soil)

 Okay, but how do they know they’re offsetting your carbon?

Greenfleet uses the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) developed by CSIRO and approved by the Australian Department of the Environment to measure the carbon uptake of our forest at each planting site. Where FullCAM is not available for a project area, we use the Reforestation Modelling Tool (RMT) which is also issued by the Department of the Environment. They have external partners to double check this and in addition, Greenfleet enters into a legal on title agreement with all landholders to ensure that the rights to count the carbon are secured as well as a promise for longevity of the forest. 

Their team is also on the ground visiting sites to monitor and maintain tree growth. Heck, they’ve even got drones out to measure the success of their plantings and monitor how the forest is looking. 

Through this partnership, we are committed to establishing resilient, self-sustaining Australian forests which optimise carbon capture and protect our climate. There is much more to these guys so please, explore their website here.

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