Why Tip Fees Are About To Skyrocket

The Environment

One of the key ways the government tries to curb landfill usage and have people and businesses choose more environmentally friendly ways to deal with their waste is to up the cost of dumping that waste at the tip. Unsurprisingly, we’re on board!

Not only is the waste levy (how much it costs to take it to landfill) going up, the waste has been categorised, reflecting how hazardous the materials being dumped are. The levy is priced accordingly. The idea is to have businesses re-think which materials they’re using and therefore how much landfill they’re creating, encouraging them to find safer alternatives. We’ll give you a hint: soil recycling means that we sort the bad stuff from the good, leaving you with more reusable material and less landfill. As good for the back pocket as it is for the environment.

Here’s what you can expect to pay this financial year (image source):

From July 1 2021, you’re required to pay the owed waste levy within 64 days after the coinciding quarter ends. You can calculate your levy and the claimable rebate for it over here.

Choosing to participate in the circular economy means actively trying to reduce waste, reuse and recycle existing materials where you can. Hopefully this levy is a final straw in what should be an easy decision for your environmental impact and your bottom line, longer term. You can find more on the circular economy here, and read about how we can help to reduce your landfill here. Pull your head out of the dirt and make a positive impact!

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