Case Study: Domi Property

Case Studies

The project details

Client: Domi Property

Location: Tasman Crt, Keysborough

Service: Soil screening

How we helped…

We were contacted by Domi Property, a factory developer in Keysborough. They came to us for an out-of-the-box solution to save extra money on the development.

Domi Property had 4,174m3 of topsoil that was mixed with grass, tree cuttings and loose timber. The cost to remove the material was to be treated as inert waste and the cost was sky high. And that’s if you can find a home for it… 

Fortunately, their soil could be recycled and the money saved.

The end result…

We came to the party and suggested screening the material to remove contaminants. Once the material was screened, the waste was removed as green waste at a low cost and the topsoil was taken for FREE by local garden supplies. Win win win.

We saved our client a lot of money and stress with finding a new home for the initial inert soil waste.

Not only did we save the material from ending up in landfill, the topsoil will be sold by local garden suppliers to landscapers and the green waste and timber will be mulched for reuse.

Our fuel for this project was offset which meant approximately 45 trees were planted.

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